Sunday, December 13, 2009


Priyanka Chopra had a haircut and it made news. I kept a small beard on the chin. I thought I was looking super cool and wanted to exhibit myself to my girlfriend. I was scolded for being in hurry and not shaving properly. Girls think so differently. That’s why I respect them so much. Later, Amir Khan did the same and got free prime airtime on all the TV channels.

I was walking down an empty street. I know brother, it’s a song. But you don’t be scared. I won’t sing it all.

Moving ahead. I was walking down an empty street. What u said? I started again? Ab tu beech main mat bol, mujhe aage badhne de.

So, I walked down … okie, moving. Suddenly a ball dropped in-front of me. What you said? From where did it drop? Abbey failure, padha nahin kya about gravitational pull? Koi cheez kahan se girti hai? Upar se hi na?

I looked around above. A few kids were playing cricket on the terrace of their house (I don’t know about the house, it might have been their neighbor’s also. If you need exact details, then mail me on my personal email id). Before they have said anything, I started bending down to pick the ball and throw it back to them. But just before I could have touched the ball, someone from those kids shouted, “Uncle, ball de dena”.

I got straight again and walked down the empty street. I mean, man I had just joined college and was in my first year. I know that you know that a new joined will be in first year only and not in second year. Patience man, let me create a little suspense, melodrama and confusion. That time was a perfectly legal age for a more polite name. Who says things look smaller from above? They made uncle out of a brother.


BK Chowla said...

It is funny.But ,some people do look older and more mature than their age.
But,accept it,they were only giving you respect.
AAmir is another story.

Aishwarya Kumar said...

Hi sir,
it was not the maturity. it was about my height.