Friday, April 30, 2010

Hi ...

as the april ends, and may begins
i want to let you know...
the summers would be sweltering
the rains won't be seen

but this is not what i wanted to tell
it was more important, but
i started with something
and forget it midway

oh, i remember
i was about to say to you
i would remain thirsty
if you would not quench my thirst.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

LOVE ...

We like
we dream
we fancy
we hold

we hug
we kiss
we touch
we miss

we fight
we hurt
we cry
we wail

we wakeup
we makeup
we pamper
we cuddle

we care
we bare
we dare
we stand

we melt
we dream
we begin

and its always WE and never ME
& that is LOVE ... 

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Another Thought

There is no point in being a 
You never know when the life will 
Fuck You

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Thought...

Those who say love happens only once probably don't have the courage to fall for it again ... 

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Wise Man Says ...

We never know, when our words can badly hurt someone . . . so be cautious when we talk ... because , there is always a way of sayng it ... if u drift from tht , there are wounds which may take days and months to heal ........
~ We always believe what we want to believe. If you don't want to believe something, no one can convince you to.

~ What we read and listen - influences our thoughts and our acts ...
Thats why they say - listen to ur heart ...
Because only it says what u want
Your mind is always cluttered with too many confusions and doubts related to a decision ... 
Whatever u have heard keeps coming back to ur mind ... and keeps spoiling the fun ....
So either dont hear it from anyone ...
Or if u are really interested in what the other person is saying then do make some good use of the analysis ..
Because either u have to accept wht other says or either reject it ... Otherwise, it will keep influencing ur decision ... 

Saturday, April 3, 2010


I have also joined the Farmville mania on Facebook. Out of 50 different notifications received on Facebook, 75% and above are related to Farmville - someone earned the 'High roller' white ribbon (I too earned one today), a friend found hidden spring eggs or fuel or a Lonely bull or rare black mystery eggs... its very hard for one to comprehend what it all means... so I too decided to dig out what Farmville is all about. One thing I found out that you can buy virtual currency (Farm notes and coins) by spending real dollars!!! Now am looking out where I can convert virtual money into real dollars. Hopefully, the reverse exchange is applicable :-)

And the craze of this game has lost a counselor his job. Check this piece of news posted on

Councillor voted out for playing Facebook game Farmville in meetings -
A councillor in Bulgaria has been stripped of his post for milking virtual cows inFacebook game Farmville while in important meetings....

SO, before quiting (If you wonder when I started - right after I wrote this post originally. And now you might be wondering when I wrote this post originally. Ab only if you will follow the blog, you can keep abreast of it. got it now? ab follow karna regularly) I reached level 17 in this game. Want to share a few things:-

1). Like a real farm, you have to do manual labor. All that plowing, seeding and harvesting crops is not that easy. So many mouse clicks are annoying at times.
2). To earn money is still not easy. Although you can earn chillars (coins), its still very difficult to get you hands to Farm Notes. But if you really like, you can exchange your real world dollars for Farm Notes. (I mean, if you really like...)
3). Help neighbors. Not for the sake of humanity, but for the sake of XP (extra points) you can get each time you shoo away creepy animals from your neighbours/friends farms and each time you fertilize their crops. More XPs, more levels.
4). I learned one thing. In yesteryears, crops withered because of bad rains. Now crops wither because of a bad internet connection. :-)
5). Share you booty. It wont make you poor. 

Friday, April 2, 2010

Bakar Sher-O-Shayari

unki ye yaad rakhne ki ada bhi khoob hai ...
bhoola bhi diya aur jataya bhi nahin ...

ek isi baat ka to gum hai aish ko ...
ki unki har hansi pe noor baras jaata hai ...

jab paar kar chuke wo jawani ke sawaan saare ...
tab unhe yaad aayi sajne sawarne ki ...

agar kabhi hum apse mohabbat ka izhar na kar sakein ..
to ye na samajhna ki pyar kam ho gaya
bus alfaaz kam pad gaye fasana bayan karne ke liye ...

saari kaynaat jhoom uthi hamari shaadi main ...
hamari dulhan hi bus ek hamara izaar na sun saki ...

waise u might all be wondering what prompted me to put these posts in so wacky colors?  This is on demand of my roomy, my colleague and my friend Gaurav. He said no one visits this blog because it looks very plain and simple and it lacks colors. So bhai, ye leh, tere liye especially - raapchik colours main rang diya hai blog ko. Now  if you are not gonna put any comments right now on this, you are going to be kicked out of this room. Ya to comment likh ab or prepare yourself to sleep outside with mosquitoes and heat.

My New Abode In Chennai

I slept last night completely drowned in sleep. But still I had a very restless sleep. I dreamed that I was running amid a hotchpotch of naked electric wires and every once in a while I brushed against them and the shock lifted me off my feet and my body floated in the air for some time, shivering, as the electrons ran wayward inside my biological system and then finally I dropped down, ran again and kept bumping into things, objects of all sorts, laid all around me. The whole night, every time I changed sides, I ran into something on my bed. As I got up in the morning, I wondered why my dream was tangled with wires and bumps all the night. The image below, taken the first thing in the morning as I got up off my bed could explain a few things.

This is my new abode in Chennai. The lower portion of a two floored bunker bed; with all my belongings stacked on the walled side of it, I stretch myself in the remaining space. All those wires ran across and beneath me - the laptop charger, the usb cables for psp and mobile, the earphones, headphones, web cam...; the books have been there in the same position for some time now - every day I decide to flip through them (u see, even such low expectations like 'flipping' through the books is also not met, how much dare would it take to study or read them) but somehow the look of them kept neatly and arranged stop me from disrupting the whole setup. The laptop, technically kept around my knee, must be struggling all night to escape the crash as I cuddle in my dreams embracing my guardian angel (you reading girl?). The headphone, I know is going to breakdown soon as it had happened with a dozen before. I sleep with my headphones on my ears, lulling myself into sleep as I listen  to the soft music.

It has been 2 weeks since I am back in Chennai. The place hasn't changed a bit from what I left 3 months back in November. No, no... it has become more warmer, more humid, more atrocious heat. The sun parch my lips, the humidity sucks every drop of water out of me and the heat finally evaporates it off my body as I go to office .

Chalo, see you guys later. Its 4 in the evening and I haven't even brushed my teeth (dirty me!!!). cya...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

When Gmail Ate All Vowels

If you have visited Gmail today (1st  April), you must have noticed it. A page will appear which will look like a phishing attack. Something is looking very malicious and devilish about that always innocuous looking, simple, cute and plain Gmail interface. Check out for yourself - 

Can you find out what is wrong about this page? No... Look closely, there is something missing. Isn't that thing conspicuous by its absence? Still wondering? No VOWELS are visible.
Gmail servers have stopped rendering all the vowels. Read more at the official Google blog here Today’s vowel outage.

Probably this is Google's prank on April Fool's Day ... :-)