Tuesday, May 25, 2010


~ You took the left and someone waves at you with pleading eyes as the doors of the lift close on him. You immediately press the >||< button . You have to go to the fourth floor. But this new entrant menacingly orders the lift to stop at second floor. Moral – Stop the lift only for the people from you floor, otherwise they will hinder your ascent.

~ A note on my floor, right beside the lift says –
                DO’s AND DON’T’s in case of FIRE/ALARM
1.       ….
7. Do whatever is right and don’t do anything which is wrong
Right? Wrong? Who had put that note - some preacher? Morality? Ethics? What?

~ The first time I climbed into a lift alone I felt claustrophobic. I had to step down at the thirteenth floor but the number and the eeirie lift fired my imaginations. I almost believed that lifts don’t go to thirteenth floors,  and if you find it stopping at this floor, the doors are bound to open to hell.
The lift started from the ground floor. The sudden heavyness made me numb. It stopped at the first floor. In a state of panic, I pressed almost all the buttons. I felt it was stuck. The time the doors took to open felt like ages. Finally, the fresh air flew inside along with a middle-aged man. And I ran outside.

Friday, May 21, 2010


Love is for Sadists,
Those who Love to cry.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Aayega Aane Waala :-(

It is Wednesday morning. I am sipping coffee, watching my blog. It is staring at me with sullen eyes. I can feel the pain.  It takes a deep sigh and asks me to scroll down a little. I go down to the counter on my blog. The numbers say it all. My blog is in the pangs of loneliness.

There is an old Bollywood song from the movie Mahal – 

aayega ....
aayega aane waala ..

This is a translation in English from a comment on youtube on this song.

Aayega aayega aayega
some one will come
Aayega aane waala, aayega aayega aayega
the one who must come (my lover), will come
(Deepak bagair kaise parwaane jal rahe hain)2
How is it that moths are burning without a flame
(how does one feel restless without a reason)
(Koi nahin chalata, aur teer chal rahe hain)2
even no one is shooting the arrows, I can feel the paini
(how does one feel the pain of seperation without a lover)
(Tadpega koi kab tak beaas besahaare)2
How long.....

My blog could immediately associate itself with the want of the actress singing this song. It is waiting for someone to come to it, look at it, explore it, be amazed at the beauty of its melodies, appreciate its humor, listen to what it has to say, and pamper it with lovely comments. I have given birth to it. Now it is feeling the need for romance. It is craving to meet its lover. The one who will keep coming back to it every single day and tell it - that you are beautiful my blog. I love you.

And it knows -

aayega aane waala ...

Monday, May 10, 2010

Unconventional stuff

Today I have wore white socks on my sandals (oh yeah, i wear Chappals to work... does it effects anyone? - and is it effect or affect - whatever, but you got the feeling rt? ) Seems it is not a popular culture here in Chennai as hundreds of eyes have checked me since morning. By the way, I must tell you, its a mighty feeling when you watch everyone looking down at your feet with bowed necks and not straight into your eyes - as if awed by your attire and feeling timid before your unconventional self. i didn't know it before that white socks could bring so much traffic to your site... agghhh err ... I mean so much attention to your body. Otherwise I have a cupboard full of such clothes. I mean Wardrobe.

I had always been a little kinky. When the whole class was revising Operating Systems for the exam the next day, I was studying Computer Networks. On the eve of the day before Computer Networks exams, I was wondering whether it would be of any use to buy Operating Systems book. And finally when the semester was over, I bought the latest edition of Galvin (OS book). 

And this was not just in engineering where I tried my odd ways. Board exams - Chemistry exam due next day. Every single soul who was writing board that year was busy sucking up every chemical out of their books. But here was me - the freak, the unorthodox - I was learning how to fly kites. And in the long vacation between boards and class XIth, I was mugging up chemistry. Though I still hate it. If it was not for Chemistry - I would have cracked IIT - or so I think. I wanted to be a Computer Engineer. I am now. But to get through the entrance I have to leaf through thousands of pages of chemistry text. Now I was more interested in the electrical configuration of my laptop - not its chemical texture. May be so many subjects are introduced in the early years of our education so as to serve as a fall back mechanism. Fail one career path - choose another. You tried to be an engineer - could not do well - don't feel harassed and disgruntled. Go out and look out for hidden ancient temples. Remember, you studied history once? Or may be go look out for dinosaurs and if you find one buried in the hollows of earth - wonder what killed them. Rip apart mysteries.

"We have an unconventional education system" 

Voice of the students across our country. 

Saturday, May 8, 2010

I wish I could ...

i wish i could sleep
and dream u in my arms
but the agony in my heart 
keeps me awake                                                          

i wish i was alone
and could feel your presence
but the pain in my heart
surrounds me

i wish it was perfect silence
and i could hear your lips
but my heart cries
and fills my ears

and i wish i could hate my heart
for all this
but then it is the place
where you will lie forever

Friday, May 7, 2010