Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Shayaris - Again ;)

  • Gire jo unki aankhon se paani ke kuch boond, hamare dil ka mausam khushk ho gaya khamosh rahe hum wo bi kuch na bole, kab chala gaya saaya bahar ka...
  • fursatein milengi to sochenge ki zindagi ka maksad kya hai, abi to bus jiye ja rahe hai
  • chiragon se roshni ki kya ummed rakhein,                                         daman hamara jala diya unhi chiragon ne
  • hasratein hamari na samjhe wo, shikayat hi karte rahe,                   chahna unko hi hasrat thi hamari, wo intezaar hi karte rahe...

Friday, September 17, 2010

Book Catalog Softwares (Free ones only !!!)

Here is a list of some softwares to catalog your books on a MS Windows PC. They are all free, so you just have to download , install and see for yourself which one serves your need best, and feels best.

Libra 0.92

Friday, September 10, 2010

Quote - Respect

Do not bend below your self-respect. Because doing so would raise your ass - exposed and vulnerable.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


One advantage of being thin. You don’t have to say ‘excuse me’ while you can easily crawl through a crowd.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cold war of love

Let us fight this cold war
Neither you relent, nor would I
Night will come and I will cry
Pain would loom and pleasures would dry

Sooner or later, your heart of gold
Would become icy cold
And you would walk away from me
Never to turn back and see

What you would leave behind is someone
Who never cared for you in your ways
But if you wrap yourself in a blanket of cold
Does that mean there is no warmth in sun rays?

Monday, August 30, 2010


Don't loose yourself for people who won't even come to find you ...

Saturday, August 28, 2010


When we begin a relation for the right reasons, why don't we be wise and end a relation on the right note too ?

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Trip to Mahabalipuram

Last Sunday a friend's cousin came to Chennai and stayed with me over the weekend. He has just completed his engineering and was in the city for a weekend job entrance exam, which he failed. But he never showed any signs of disappointment as he was very happy that he wouldn't had to wake up early the next morning for a might-be interview if he had happened to crack the exam. Watching him in good spirits (even if he was in bad spirits, I would had done the following only) I took him to Besant Nagar Beach. That corn-roasting shot you had seen earlier on this blog was also taken on this same beach on my previous visit to this beach, however, that visit had lasted only as long as that corn had lasted. This time a couple of hours were spend at the beach as he has never seen the ocean before.

Next day, I took him to Mahabalipuram as we had nothing else to do. Clicked the few snaps there. Most of the snaps are the classic text-book pictures. I have always been a fan of rock-art photos in my school history text books. Thought of clicking a few of my own.

National Geographic nature's pictures have also influenced me a lot. So here is my own NAT-GEO types snap.

New Shayaris

Ye nazarein jhukake na betha karo                                      
ki ek rang aata hai                                                    
ek rang jaata hai ...                                                  
humse pooche kya guzarti hai is dil pe ...                             
hum mushkil main pad jaatein hain ye pehchan pane main                 
ki kaun sa rang tumpe bhata hai                                        

Zulfien unki rukhsaar pe machal ke girti hain is tarah ...             
dariya ka pani athkheliyan karta hai jis tarah...                      

Dekhte hain tumko aur sochte hain hum ..                               
ki kya pa liya hai humne ki khuda ko bhi humse shikayat ho gayi hai ...
wo poochta hai bande ki kya hai usme aisa                              
humne kaha teri sabse khoobsurat cheez se hume mohabbat ho gayi hai ...

Shayaron ki mehfilon main shirkat karte thay hum pehle bhi             
lekin sirf sunke chale aatey thay                                      
aaj hamare alfaaz sunke wo bhi kehte hain                              
apni shayari main itna asar ap kahan se laatein hain                   
humne kaha mil gaya hume wo noor                                       
jiske liye subah tarasti hai .                                         
hum to khade thay khuda ke ghar ke bahar jholi faila ke                
aankhein khol dekha saari kaynaat humpe barasti hai ...                

Ab sach aur jhoot main fark nahin raha ...                             
aawaz seedhe dil se aati hai                                           
tu maan le isay sach ya jhoot samajh ke dukhi ho                       
par ye hamari wo fariyaad hai jo khuda ko baar baar sunayi jaati hai   

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


~ You took the left and someone waves at you with pleading eyes as the doors of the lift close on him. You immediately press the >||< button . You have to go to the fourth floor. But this new entrant menacingly orders the lift to stop at second floor. Moral – Stop the lift only for the people from you floor, otherwise they will hinder your ascent.

~ A note on my floor, right beside the lift says –
                DO’s AND DON’T’s in case of FIRE/ALARM
1.       ….
7. Do whatever is right and don’t do anything which is wrong
Right? Wrong? Who had put that note - some preacher? Morality? Ethics? What?

~ The first time I climbed into a lift alone I felt claustrophobic. I had to step down at the thirteenth floor but the number and the eeirie lift fired my imaginations. I almost believed that lifts don’t go to thirteenth floors,  and if you find it stopping at this floor, the doors are bound to open to hell.
The lift started from the ground floor. The sudden heavyness made me numb. It stopped at the first floor. In a state of panic, I pressed almost all the buttons. I felt it was stuck. The time the doors took to open felt like ages. Finally, the fresh air flew inside along with a middle-aged man. And I ran outside.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Aayega Aane Waala :-(

It is Wednesday morning. I am sipping coffee, watching my blog. It is staring at me with sullen eyes. I can feel the pain.  It takes a deep sigh and asks me to scroll down a little. I go down to the counter on my blog. The numbers say it all. My blog is in the pangs of loneliness.

There is an old Bollywood song from the movie Mahal – 

aayega ....
aayega aane waala ..

This is a translation in English from a comment on youtube on this song.

Aayega aayega aayega
some one will come
Aayega aane waala, aayega aayega aayega
the one who must come (my lover), will come
(Deepak bagair kaise parwaane jal rahe hain)2
How is it that moths are burning without a flame
(how does one feel restless without a reason)
(Koi nahin chalata, aur teer chal rahe hain)2
even no one is shooting the arrows, I can feel the paini
(how does one feel the pain of seperation without a lover)
(Tadpega koi kab tak beaas besahaare)2
How long.....

My blog could immediately associate itself with the want of the actress singing this song. It is waiting for someone to come to it, look at it, explore it, be amazed at the beauty of its melodies, appreciate its humor, listen to what it has to say, and pamper it with lovely comments. I have given birth to it. Now it is feeling the need for romance. It is craving to meet its lover. The one who will keep coming back to it every single day and tell it - that you are beautiful my blog. I love you.

And it knows -

aayega aane waala ...

Monday, May 10, 2010

Unconventional stuff

Today I have wore white socks on my sandals (oh yeah, i wear Chappals to work... does it effects anyone? - and is it effect or affect - whatever, but you got the feeling rt? ) Seems it is not a popular culture here in Chennai as hundreds of eyes have checked me since morning. By the way, I must tell you, its a mighty feeling when you watch everyone looking down at your feet with bowed necks and not straight into your eyes - as if awed by your attire and feeling timid before your unconventional self. i didn't know it before that white socks could bring so much traffic to your site... agghhh err ... I mean so much attention to your body. Otherwise I have a cupboard full of such clothes. I mean Wardrobe.

I had always been a little kinky. When the whole class was revising Operating Systems for the exam the next day, I was studying Computer Networks. On the eve of the day before Computer Networks exams, I was wondering whether it would be of any use to buy Operating Systems book. And finally when the semester was over, I bought the latest edition of Galvin (OS book). 

And this was not just in engineering where I tried my odd ways. Board exams - Chemistry exam due next day. Every single soul who was writing board that year was busy sucking up every chemical out of their books. But here was me - the freak, the unorthodox - I was learning how to fly kites. And in the long vacation between boards and class XIth, I was mugging up chemistry. Though I still hate it. If it was not for Chemistry - I would have cracked IIT - or so I think. I wanted to be a Computer Engineer. I am now. But to get through the entrance I have to leaf through thousands of pages of chemistry text. Now I was more interested in the electrical configuration of my laptop - not its chemical texture. May be so many subjects are introduced in the early years of our education so as to serve as a fall back mechanism. Fail one career path - choose another. You tried to be an engineer - could not do well - don't feel harassed and disgruntled. Go out and look out for hidden ancient temples. Remember, you studied history once? Or may be go look out for dinosaurs and if you find one buried in the hollows of earth - wonder what killed them. Rip apart mysteries.

"We have an unconventional education system" 

Voice of the students across our country. 

Saturday, May 8, 2010

I wish I could ...

i wish i could sleep
and dream u in my arms
but the agony in my heart 
keeps me awake                                                          

i wish i was alone
and could feel your presence
but the pain in my heart
surrounds me

i wish it was perfect silence
and i could hear your lips
but my heart cries
and fills my ears

and i wish i could hate my heart
for all this
but then it is the place
where you will lie forever

Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday, April 30, 2010

Hi ...

as the april ends, and may begins
i want to let you know...
the summers would be sweltering
the rains won't be seen

but this is not what i wanted to tell
it was more important, but
i started with something
and forget it midway

oh, i remember
i was about to say to you
i would remain thirsty
if you would not quench my thirst.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

LOVE ...

We like
we dream
we fancy
we hold

we hug
we kiss
we touch
we miss

we fight
we hurt
we cry
we wail

we wakeup
we makeup
we pamper
we cuddle

we care
we bare
we dare
we stand

we melt
we dream
we begin

and its always WE and never ME
& that is LOVE ... 

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Another Thought

There is no point in being a 
You never know when the life will 
Fuck You

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Thought...

Those who say love happens only once probably don't have the courage to fall for it again ... 

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Wise Man Says ...

We never know, when our words can badly hurt someone . . . so be cautious when we talk ... because , there is always a way of sayng it ... if u drift from tht , there are wounds which may take days and months to heal ........
~ We always believe what we want to believe. If you don't want to believe something, no one can convince you to.

~ What we read and listen - influences our thoughts and our acts ...
Thats why they say - listen to ur heart ...
Because only it says what u want
Your mind is always cluttered with too many confusions and doubts related to a decision ... 
Whatever u have heard keeps coming back to ur mind ... and keeps spoiling the fun ....
So either dont hear it from anyone ...
Or if u are really interested in what the other person is saying then do make some good use of the analysis ..
Because either u have to accept wht other says or either reject it ... Otherwise, it will keep influencing ur decision ... 

Saturday, April 3, 2010


I have also joined the Farmville mania on Facebook. Out of 50 different notifications received on Facebook, 75% and above are related to Farmville - someone earned the 'High roller' white ribbon (I too earned one today), a friend found hidden spring eggs or fuel or a Lonely bull or rare black mystery eggs... its very hard for one to comprehend what it all means... so I too decided to dig out what Farmville is all about. One thing I found out that you can buy virtual currency (Farm notes and coins) by spending real dollars!!! Now am looking out where I can convert virtual money into real dollars. Hopefully, the reverse exchange is applicable :-)

And the craze of this game has lost a counselor his job. Check this piece of news posted on

Councillor voted out for playing Facebook game Farmville in meetings -
A councillor in Bulgaria has been stripped of his post for milking virtual cows inFacebook game Farmville while in important meetings....

SO, before quiting (If you wonder when I started - right after I wrote this post originally. And now you might be wondering when I wrote this post originally. Ab only if you will follow the blog, you can keep abreast of it. got it now? ab follow karna regularly) I reached level 17 in this game. Want to share a few things:-

1). Like a real farm, you have to do manual labor. All that plowing, seeding and harvesting crops is not that easy. So many mouse clicks are annoying at times.
2). To earn money is still not easy. Although you can earn chillars (coins), its still very difficult to get you hands to Farm Notes. But if you really like, you can exchange your real world dollars for Farm Notes. (I mean, if you really like...)
3). Help neighbors. Not for the sake of humanity, but for the sake of XP (extra points) you can get each time you shoo away creepy animals from your neighbours/friends farms and each time you fertilize their crops. More XPs, more levels.
4). I learned one thing. In yesteryears, crops withered because of bad rains. Now crops wither because of a bad internet connection. :-)
5). Share you booty. It wont make you poor. 

Friday, April 2, 2010

Bakar Sher-O-Shayari

unki ye yaad rakhne ki ada bhi khoob hai ...
bhoola bhi diya aur jataya bhi nahin ...

ek isi baat ka to gum hai aish ko ...
ki unki har hansi pe noor baras jaata hai ...

jab paar kar chuke wo jawani ke sawaan saare ...
tab unhe yaad aayi sajne sawarne ki ...

agar kabhi hum apse mohabbat ka izhar na kar sakein ..
to ye na samajhna ki pyar kam ho gaya
bus alfaaz kam pad gaye fasana bayan karne ke liye ...

saari kaynaat jhoom uthi hamari shaadi main ...
hamari dulhan hi bus ek hamara izaar na sun saki ...

waise u might all be wondering what prompted me to put these posts in so wacky colors?  This is on demand of my roomy, my colleague and my friend Gaurav. He said no one visits this blog because it looks very plain and simple and it lacks colors. So bhai, ye leh, tere liye especially - raapchik colours main rang diya hai blog ko. Now  if you are not gonna put any comments right now on this, you are going to be kicked out of this room. Ya to comment likh ab or prepare yourself to sleep outside with mosquitoes and heat.

My New Abode In Chennai

I slept last night completely drowned in sleep. But still I had a very restless sleep. I dreamed that I was running amid a hotchpotch of naked electric wires and every once in a while I brushed against them and the shock lifted me off my feet and my body floated in the air for some time, shivering, as the electrons ran wayward inside my biological system and then finally I dropped down, ran again and kept bumping into things, objects of all sorts, laid all around me. The whole night, every time I changed sides, I ran into something on my bed. As I got up in the morning, I wondered why my dream was tangled with wires and bumps all the night. The image below, taken the first thing in the morning as I got up off my bed could explain a few things.

This is my new abode in Chennai. The lower portion of a two floored bunker bed; with all my belongings stacked on the walled side of it, I stretch myself in the remaining space. All those wires ran across and beneath me - the laptop charger, the usb cables for psp and mobile, the earphones, headphones, web cam...; the books have been there in the same position for some time now - every day I decide to flip through them (u see, even such low expectations like 'flipping' through the books is also not met, how much dare would it take to study or read them) but somehow the look of them kept neatly and arranged stop me from disrupting the whole setup. The laptop, technically kept around my knee, must be struggling all night to escape the crash as I cuddle in my dreams embracing my guardian angel (you reading girl?). The headphone, I know is going to breakdown soon as it had happened with a dozen before. I sleep with my headphones on my ears, lulling myself into sleep as I listen  to the soft music.

It has been 2 weeks since I am back in Chennai. The place hasn't changed a bit from what I left 3 months back in November. No, no... it has become more warmer, more humid, more atrocious heat. The sun parch my lips, the humidity sucks every drop of water out of me and the heat finally evaporates it off my body as I go to office .

Chalo, see you guys later. Its 4 in the evening and I haven't even brushed my teeth (dirty me!!!). cya...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

When Gmail Ate All Vowels

If you have visited Gmail today (1st  April), you must have noticed it. A page will appear which will look like a phishing attack. Something is looking very malicious and devilish about that always innocuous looking, simple, cute and plain Gmail interface. Check out for yourself - 

Can you find out what is wrong about this page? No... Look closely, there is something missing. Isn't that thing conspicuous by its absence? Still wondering? No VOWELS are visible.
Gmail servers have stopped rendering all the vowels. Read more at the official Google blog here Today’s vowel outage.

Probably this is Google's prank on April Fool's Day ... :-)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Find It

I was emailing a job consultant my CV and I wrote this line.

“Please find my resume attached with this mail”.

Then I found observed something strange with the line. I corrected that to –

“I have attached my resume with this mail. Please find it”.

This was even more amusing. Why was I telling him every time to find the resume when he knows exactly where the attachments would appear in his mail inbox and when today’s emails strive hard to offer a very simple and clean user friendly interface?

But ever since I am applying for jobs through emails, I have found seen myself and others writing this line over and over again. Could anyone explain me the rationale behind it? Or is that I am taking a figurative and flowery statement too literally?

PS: To my current employer –


Sir has left and now it’s a madam there.


That consultant forwarded my resume to you and since then I am your employee. This is the thing of the past and so don’t get hysterical at the mention of the resume.



Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Interview

The most thought provoking interview I have ever given –

No, I am not a celebrity. And it was not a big TV channel interviewing me. I had appeared humbly for my first job interview for a private multinational company. Before the interview, there was a written test and I had cleared it. Though a mate from my college was not through, I wonder why, since we had done a collaborative job in the test. With tears in his eyes I saw him leave the campus and I waited for my turn.

I watched the public engrossed in their books, into last minute revisions, as if they knew what was being asked. My name was called. It was a big hall and there were three interviews simultaneously going on in three different corners. I went thinking – every room has four corners, still they have left the fourth corner. May be some logical question would be asked on this. Why the fourth corner is left alone. I eyed my interviewer and at the other two interviewees. With the arrangement, I was to sit facing the wall and against my deepest desire, I had to turn my back to the beautiful girl in the opposite corner. My interviewer brought me out of my reverie. I looked at him. This was the man on whom my career depended. He would fetch me my first job. I had never felt so obliged to a perfect stranger before. He began:

Interviewer: “Please take you seat”

I pushed myself down.

Me: “Good morning sir”. Though it was 3 in the afternoon, still, the most used salutation from my school days is still not leaving me. He chose to ignore.

Interviewer: “How are you?”

Not mixing this usual question with the online chat rooms answers I have always given, I carefully watched my words and said “I am perfectly fine sir, though a bit nervous and excited.”

Interviewer: “What’s making you nervous and excited?”

I regretted saying the obvious but then how would I have known that he would drill me on this. I restrained myself from telling him that his presence and being with two other girls in the same room is the reason for my mixed reactions, respectively.

Me: “First job interview sir. Big deal! I am a little apprehensive about it.”

Interviewer: “Apprehensive? So you are not prepared well”.

Am thinking – I am prepared but I don’t know what crap you have loaded in your head today, and I don’t know how hard would you throw that at me.

Me: “I am prepared sir, but being a little nervous is also good I guess. It helps you from getting overconfident.”

He liked the answer. He asked me to tell him something about myself, and I recited to him the one page document I had written about myself and had learned by rote. Though, to give the impression that I was making the answer on the spur, I took time in answering and in the process forgot the lines in between making obvious that I was reading it from a note in my memory while I tried to remember the lines.

Finally I told him, I am a jovial and fun loving person and how I flew kites during my board exams. This piece of information was not necessary but in my haste to complete the four hundred words answer that I had prepared, and bits of which I had forgotten, I had to add this.

I saw a smile growing on his face. Probably he too had a passion about flying kites.

He asked (sarcastically though; I later realized that), “What else fun you have made?”

I told him that I had watched kaho Na Pyar Hai twenty six times. For that I had to bunk my college 10 times. And I even had to bunk a sessional exam.

His smile broadened. Then he asked me the tritest question ever asked in interviews. What are your strengths? And me, made the biggest blunder (as if I have already not done it) of saying that I am very strong on ethical and moral fronts. Why I could not remember ten different points on the same question I had already prepared, I don’t know. May be destiny has its role to play in everything.

I have given him the rope, and he started strangling my neck.

He mocked, “Ahhh, is it? So should I ask you some questions? The questions could be controversial. Would you answer?”.

I pretended to be brave, while thinking what was coming. “Yeah, I will try”.

Interviewer: “Do you smoke?”

Honesty is the best policy. “Yes I did, but have quit”.

Interviewer: “Do you drink?”

Honesty is the best policy. And anyways I don’t drink. “No.”

Now came the shocker.

Interviewer: “Do you watch porn movies?”

I stared at him. Honesty is the best policy, though this time I could have safely avoided the truth. But the name of porn I guess had excited us both. And I said, “Yes”.

And I knew the interview was over and a social debate had started, because the next question was –

Interviewer: “Is that ethical?”

I was bold, “Why not?”

He was surprised, “Why not!! Watching nude girls is ethical?”

I said, “Its art and its entertainment”.

He said, “Entertainment? Justify it?”

I replied, “You watch TV for entertainment. You watch movies for entertainment. I watch porn for entertainment. How is that different?”

He questioned, “But society doesn’t accept it. That’s why it’s not ethical.”

I tried to justify, “But as long as I am not carrying that into the society, how can it be morally wrong? I watch it alone, behind closed doors, enjoy myself and then threw the thoughts away before moving out into the society. How can anyone question the morality of it?”

He still was adamant, “Whatever you say, but illicit thoughts do enter us while watching it, isn’t it? So it’s not ethical.”

I wondered, since when sex had become illicit unless you are not presenting it socially as a very offensive, obscene and vulgar stuff.

I repeated, “Unless I don’t carry the thoughts with me into the society I don’t find it unethical or wrong.”

It has been more than half an hour already and we both realized that it had been enough. As he stood up to see me off, he gave me an advice.

“Be a little more diplomatic the next time you tell something like that.”

I left with a smile and as I came out of the hall, I looked at everyone immersed in their technical books, and hoped that they knew what I had been asked.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

For my Valentine

The day when I met you girl

It was just another day in my life

The day was cold, I wanted some warmth

And then you walked in and filled me with surprise.

With apprehensions, I send you a message

I was not sure if you would reply

But I prayed to God to be a little kind to me

And this time even He obliged.

There was divine intervention

And you turned out to be an angel

Your response blessed me

I knew you would be my bride.

The first time I heard your voice

I was ecstatic

It was like several temple bells

Ringing with all the heavenly might

I needed you girl

I missed you all the years of my life

The only regret I have is

Why I have not met you earlier in life.

So we started spending time with each other

We have not met yet

But we were coming closer every moment

Love was getting ripe.

The attraction was not physical

We had exchanged the best and the worst snaps

It was on a very subconscious level

Our souls met and committed our lives.

The strange part of this affair is

No one talked about marriage

It was understood from just the silence

We have to be husband and wife.

None of our families gave their consent

Against all odds we convinced everyone

But we fought all, time and fate

And went for our first date.

And what a pleasure it was

You and me together for the first time

I loved you girl and your beautiful eyes

The world was beautiful, I had no complaints.

And now we are committed socially

And you are sitting far away from me

But remember girl that there is no one

Who loves you more than me.

Monday, February 1, 2010


SEX IS LIKE A RESTAURANT. Sometimes you get good service, sometimes bad service, sometimes no service. And many times you have to be happy with SELF SERVICE. You got it.

Beautifully compared! The person who wrote it must have been hunger struck. It reminded me of my days in Mumbai. Not the sex part, but the restaurant.

I went to Mumbai on my first job. The company had arranged for a hotel in Bandra, Pali Hills, which was an area known to be inhabited with stars. I had thought that the stars lived in the skies. The hotel was rumored to be four stars. This had elevated my status in the family. It turned out to be a farce, but I anyhow liked the cushions on the bed, toiletries in the bathroom and the foreign dignitaries staying in the hotel. One of my colleagues got the news that the breakfast in the hotel was given free. It was a fact very incredible. The age old adage said there were no free lunches. But our watered tongues and frugal pockets argued that this was about breakfast which was far apart from lunch in time. The word free sounded very derogatory. So we started saying that it was not paid. But then it looked a little something not right. What deed we did to deserve unpaid lunches? People like me are not happy with even free breakfast. We learnt that it’s the complimentary breakfast that many hotels serve. Since then we made sure to make for our afternoons in the morning itself. I liked the hotel cutlery also.

Mornings in Mumbai start with vadapaav (a rudimentary form of sandwich) and the day survive on it. There is a very good restaurant in Bandra – National Dhaba. Get out of the Bandra railway station in the west and walk left for about hundred meters. This restaurant has served food to many struggling actors and serves very cheap and delicious Punjabi food. Try it.

Even if you would not find the service good or bad (and there is no self service) your appetite would be satisfied. And it is what matters most. You got it.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Year Diaries

Amid several things that happen late in my life is the month by which I get a New Year diary. I have never got one before it starts raining in July and sometimes even the rains had given way to winters. The phenomenon can be easily understood once you consider that there is nothing very distinguishing about it. The same things happens with government grants and scholarships which takes plenty of time to reach from the government cash box to the pocket of the common man.

I sense that I had a hidden passion for diaries. Every time I got a diary, I hoarded it. I was never scared that anyone might read my diary, not because it was hidden somewhere but it was always kept clean and tidy. And by clean, I mean, my diary never knew the soft touch of a pen to its smooth pages. I remember in school, teachers used to dictate homework and we wrote it in our school diaries. Once my history teacher in 5th grade asked everyone to get ones diary checked. No wonders I was scolded for not taking down homework since the start of the term. Whatever she had dictated ever was written on the back pages of the note copy.

Things have changed now and with blogging I have also cultivated an active interest in writing. Also, this time planets changed their positions and I got the diary very early in the year i.e., 14thJan only. Though the same gift a month later, fourteenth of Feb, would have marked it as unforgettable, it is ok. Anyways, I have never heard of a girl who has gifted her boyfriend a New Year diary on Valentine’s Day. And I can’t imagine that poor guy to be happy who might receive such a gift. Because if such a diary is gifted I know what it would be scrapped with? – Lines and poems in the ode of the lady. No matter if our guy had faltered while writing even a five line essay on ‘The cow’, he would have to learn to be creative – either think original or steal lines. Love changes you.

Coming back to my diary, I am thinking what I am going to fill it up with. As a beginning, I have filled up the About Me page in that with my name, email ids and mobile numbers – and I have got several. I got a sms a few days back – “How do you know you are in love? – Answer: When you start looking for the cheapest mobile connection.” How true – I must say.

I will prepare a list of all the plausible things that I could jot on my diary. Meanwhile, as you already know, two great poets were born one lonely, horrendous, moonlit night in Chennai, with silence broken only by the crying of wolves. Or were they dogs? Here is an offering from one of those poets …

Raat ki tanhaayee main,

Waqt guzarne ki bhi awaaz sunaayi deti hai…

Din main hum zindagi se ladte hain,

Andhere main beeti hui ghadiyon ka hisaab karte hain.