Friday, January 15, 2010

*** Clouds ** Aakashwani ** Clouds ***

After a long time (or after all the time I had been in Chennai), I saw a movie in a multiplex.

This time I am not carping about Chennai; no one has stopped me from watching movies in Chennai. I was in Delhi for nearly two weeks and had to fly back to Chennai. I got this bad news and since then till the day I came back to Delhi, I suffered from acidity, loss of appetite, sleepiness and dandruff.

Don’t give much thought to the dandruff talk; there is not much connection between it and Chennai. Read ahead.

I had this manager, Mr. X, in my previous company. He qualifies among those typical bosses who would like to disparage every effort of their subordinates but would take the credit themselves anytime a team member does something worth a good remark. Needless to say, such managers are not looked at with much respect and ways are found all the time to settle scores. Most of the time he could be seen walking around, glued to his mobile phone answering clients calls. Rest of the time he could be spotted at his desk, working silently without oozing out his ominous presence, except uttering out one or two monosyllables once in a while which reminds everyone around him of him (what an end of sentence construction?).

One fine summer afternoon, he relaxed in his chair, stretched himself, threw his hands in the air, yawned and called out loud, “kya karoon … !”

Someone in the office blared, “jiyo aur jeene do…” .

Everybody started laughing on the verity of this response. Our guy felt a little embarrassed and demanded who had raised his voice, ‘Kaun bola be… ?” .

A guy sitting behind me blurted out, “aakashwani hui thi… !”

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