Thursday, July 29, 2010

Trip to Mahabalipuram

Last Sunday a friend's cousin came to Chennai and stayed with me over the weekend. He has just completed his engineering and was in the city for a weekend job entrance exam, which he failed. But he never showed any signs of disappointment as he was very happy that he wouldn't had to wake up early the next morning for a might-be interview if he had happened to crack the exam. Watching him in good spirits (even if he was in bad spirits, I would had done the following only) I took him to Besant Nagar Beach. That corn-roasting shot you had seen earlier on this blog was also taken on this same beach on my previous visit to this beach, however, that visit had lasted only as long as that corn had lasted. This time a couple of hours were spend at the beach as he has never seen the ocean before.

Next day, I took him to Mahabalipuram as we had nothing else to do. Clicked the few snaps there. Most of the snaps are the classic text-book pictures. I have always been a fan of rock-art photos in my school history text books. Thought of clicking a few of my own.

National Geographic nature's pictures have also influenced me a lot. So here is my own NAT-GEO types snap.