Thursday, October 22, 2009

A little discontented with life...

Sometimes when I look at life,

I see there is so much strife.

Have I made it myself so complicated?

Or is it something that fate decides.

I am not satisfied, but then no one is.

I don’t want to accept and justify mine with this.

But then how long should I put up a fight,

With the battle that is life.

Life is all about taking the right decisions

But how can I know wrong from right.

Advices pour in from everywhere,

But all I end up with is taking a chance with life.

When things go wrong we say the decision was not right,

And while deciding we had said the future is bright.

What happened to all the hard work I had put in?

When will be the payback time?

The fruit of patience is always sweet,

I agree, but then it should not be too late.

What’s the use of getting the food,

When you have lost all the appetite.

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