Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My First Day @gym

My first day in gym

I felt like a frail stick in an iron and steel mill

Everywhere muscles flexed and shone

On my scrawny body even the basic ones are gone.

I felt really ridiculous standing amid Arnolds

Until I saw one puny body taking stroll

He came around and looked at me

I felt at some ease and I bet he was as glad to see me.

He was doing warm-up

Sit-up and sit-down

I joined him in push-ups

After I did five, I went down.

He urged me to get up, and run on the tread mill

I asked him why to cut unnecessary electricity bill

I tried explaining I will famish, running

He insisted I should stop begging.

I perched myself on that floor in motion

While everyone stopped and stared at me with varied emotions

Probably they were thinking what I was doing

As I ignored their glances and took off like a Boeing.

I ran for a few minutes before getting down

While they disbursed with a little frown

They were waiting for some magic, for my thin frame to fade

But I stood there like a swine, sweating heavily, and swayed.

My little friend asked me to sit down and relax

I wanted to tell him it was enough for the day, thanks

But as if reading my mind he picked up a weight

It gave me instant motivation to stay and wait.

After I relaxed for more time than the earth took to revolve round its orbit

He shouted, “Come on, work out and don’t just sit!”

I dragged myself by the collar and stood up

There I was again amid bulldogs, terrified like a pup.

He brought me near the bench press

And asked me to stretch myself on the recline

He helped me to hold the rod above my head at a certain line

I was cautioned to breathe correctly or I myself would pay the fine.

I was breathless as I counted ten

My chest was heaving like those of women

A two minute rest was suggested by my little friend

Only if those two minutes I could have extend!

But time runs away when you want it to be with you

And soon my buddy returned and whew!

He brought two weights and gave them to me

Since my school bags I had never felt so much mass on me.

I did one complete set, which was some achievement

But he decided to be hard on me, “Do two sets more”, and went

Like intermittent torrential rains I somehow did the job in parts

Instead of two sets I did many albeit with a few farts.

Music was loud and no one heard my ass

But my buddy was relentlessly watching me and he won’t let me pass

As I tried to sneak out to the door, he came running

Chided me for being such a lethargic being!

I was put to inaction again, a two minute rest

He showed me around the machines for building biceps, triceps and chest

As we moved to the shoulder press, I saw it coming

He asked me to take position and pull the string.

In light of my need of some stimulation, music was not right

So I pulled the weight down with all my poetic might

Swiftly and slowly I pulled it against gravitation

But the other way, it took me up with a sudden motion

Body-builders around me burst into laugh while I was grim

Grins, sneers and cheers filled up the gym

Music stopped and everyone rushed in to devour the scene

And the public went hysterical and more mean.

Gradually the assembly melted away

And I saw myself walking out clearing the way

It had been enough of a day at kill

That was my first experience at the muscle minting mill.

By the way, I guess GYM stands for 'Get Yourself Muscles'


nishant verma said...

Well honestly i think,this buddy bro is on the tracks of Jay Cutler...i wish him all the very best...lets some time pass and we would like to witness his rock hard muscles and absolutely 6 pack abs..

abhishek said...

bhai ye to tumne apni aap biti ka mast chitran diya hai....awesome buddy

amit said...

good one aish...keep goiung.
Looking upto more "My first days"
hmm.... you know what. :)