Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Find It

I was emailing a job consultant my CV and I wrote this line.

“Please find my resume attached with this mail”.

Then I found observed something strange with the line. I corrected that to –

“I have attached my resume with this mail. Please find it”.

This was even more amusing. Why was I telling him every time to find the resume when he knows exactly where the attachments would appear in his mail inbox and when today’s emails strive hard to offer a very simple and clean user friendly interface?

But ever since I am applying for jobs through emails, I have found seen myself and others writing this line over and over again. Could anyone explain me the rationale behind it? Or is that I am taking a figurative and flowery statement too literally?

PS: To my current employer –


Sir has left and now it’s a madam there.


That consultant forwarded my resume to you and since then I am your employee. This is the thing of the past and so don’t get hysterical at the mention of the resume.



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