Sunday, February 14, 2010

For my Valentine

The day when I met you girl

It was just another day in my life

The day was cold, I wanted some warmth

And then you walked in and filled me with surprise.

With apprehensions, I send you a message

I was not sure if you would reply

But I prayed to God to be a little kind to me

And this time even He obliged.

There was divine intervention

And you turned out to be an angel

Your response blessed me

I knew you would be my bride.

The first time I heard your voice

I was ecstatic

It was like several temple bells

Ringing with all the heavenly might

I needed you girl

I missed you all the years of my life

The only regret I have is

Why I have not met you earlier in life.

So we started spending time with each other

We have not met yet

But we were coming closer every moment

Love was getting ripe.

The attraction was not physical

We had exchanged the best and the worst snaps

It was on a very subconscious level

Our souls met and committed our lives.

The strange part of this affair is

No one talked about marriage

It was understood from just the silence

We have to be husband and wife.

None of our families gave their consent

Against all odds we convinced everyone

But we fought all, time and fate

And went for our first date.

And what a pleasure it was

You and me together for the first time

I loved you girl and your beautiful eyes

The world was beautiful, I had no complaints.

And now we are committed socially

And you are sitting far away from me

But remember girl that there is no one

Who loves you more than me.


BK Chowla, said...

A happy valentines day

GAGG EGG said...

Waha waha bhai, dil-e-haal shabdo mein bayaa kar rahe ho...

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Anonymous said...

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