Saturday, April 3, 2010


I have also joined the Farmville mania on Facebook. Out of 50 different notifications received on Facebook, 75% and above are related to Farmville - someone earned the 'High roller' white ribbon (I too earned one today), a friend found hidden spring eggs or fuel or a Lonely bull or rare black mystery eggs... its very hard for one to comprehend what it all means... so I too decided to dig out what Farmville is all about. One thing I found out that you can buy virtual currency (Farm notes and coins) by spending real dollars!!! Now am looking out where I can convert virtual money into real dollars. Hopefully, the reverse exchange is applicable :-)

And the craze of this game has lost a counselor his job. Check this piece of news posted on

Councillor voted out for playing Facebook game Farmville in meetings -
A councillor in Bulgaria has been stripped of his post for milking virtual cows inFacebook game Farmville while in important meetings....

SO, before quiting (If you wonder when I started - right after I wrote this post originally. And now you might be wondering when I wrote this post originally. Ab only if you will follow the blog, you can keep abreast of it. got it now? ab follow karna regularly) I reached level 17 in this game. Want to share a few things:-

1). Like a real farm, you have to do manual labor. All that plowing, seeding and harvesting crops is not that easy. So many mouse clicks are annoying at times.
2). To earn money is still not easy. Although you can earn chillars (coins), its still very difficult to get you hands to Farm Notes. But if you really like, you can exchange your real world dollars for Farm Notes. (I mean, if you really like...)
3). Help neighbors. Not for the sake of humanity, but for the sake of XP (extra points) you can get each time you shoo away creepy animals from your neighbours/friends farms and each time you fertilize their crops. More XPs, more levels.
4). I learned one thing. In yesteryears, crops withered because of bad rains. Now crops wither because of a bad internet connection. :-)
5). Share you booty. It wont make you poor. 

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