Friday, April 2, 2010

My New Abode In Chennai

I slept last night completely drowned in sleep. But still I had a very restless sleep. I dreamed that I was running amid a hotchpotch of naked electric wires and every once in a while I brushed against them and the shock lifted me off my feet and my body floated in the air for some time, shivering, as the electrons ran wayward inside my biological system and then finally I dropped down, ran again and kept bumping into things, objects of all sorts, laid all around me. The whole night, every time I changed sides, I ran into something on my bed. As I got up in the morning, I wondered why my dream was tangled with wires and bumps all the night. The image below, taken the first thing in the morning as I got up off my bed could explain a few things.

This is my new abode in Chennai. The lower portion of a two floored bunker bed; with all my belongings stacked on the walled side of it, I stretch myself in the remaining space. All those wires ran across and beneath me - the laptop charger, the usb cables for psp and mobile, the earphones, headphones, web cam...; the books have been there in the same position for some time now - every day I decide to flip through them (u see, even such low expectations like 'flipping' through the books is also not met, how much dare would it take to study or read them) but somehow the look of them kept neatly and arranged stop me from disrupting the whole setup. The laptop, technically kept around my knee, must be struggling all night to escape the crash as I cuddle in my dreams embracing my guardian angel (you reading girl?). The headphone, I know is going to breakdown soon as it had happened with a dozen before. I sleep with my headphones on my ears, lulling myself into sleep as I listen  to the soft music.

It has been 2 weeks since I am back in Chennai. The place hasn't changed a bit from what I left 3 months back in November. No, no... it has become more warmer, more humid, more atrocious heat. The sun parch my lips, the humidity sucks every drop of water out of me and the heat finally evaporates it off my body as I go to office .

Chalo, see you guys later. Its 4 in the evening and I haven't even brushed my teeth (dirty me!!!). cya...

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