Saturday, November 7, 2009

My New Buddy

Thoughts can go pretty wayward at times. What I wanted to tell in the previous post when I started with I was alone in Chennai kind of stuff was that I was lonely until this guy Gaurav joined my team. Though I wished he was a girl, my desires sometimes call him gaurvi or gauri, who in these alien circumstances would have let herself drift towards me, he is anyways doing a great job as a guy. He has brought all the charm and humor that comes so naturally to Delhiets as the need to go to loo on a bad stomach. I have showed these few lines to him and he has laughed so much, most people don’t laugh that much during their life. I wondered how one can laugh so much on something funny intended to oneself. But I guess before people can laugh on you, you better laugh on yourself. You would be out of the inferiority complex that very moment. Try that! Before anyone can discomfit you, embarrass them.
He has a tummy coming out and with that ever present pleasant smile on his face I don’t feel the need to put an idol of laughing Buddha on my desk. Chennai has increased his grin many folds as he starves, err, I mean on a diet, and there are no food options to fascinate his appetite. I have to drag him down to the cafeteria in the name of few girls he is watching these days.

The ways he dresses up and his accessories made everyone wonder actually what company he belongs to. A typical day he comes attired in one company’s t-shirt, carrying another company’s bag, wearing a badge from a third company and since we are working at client side, he walks into the office of a fourth company. The security was bewildered to see representatives from so many companies in one man only, but he won them over with his timeless and timely one liners.

Until I had met him, I knew only few options in MS-Outlook, how to check new mails and to reply and forward one. But he seems to be playing with mails all the time. He sits right next to me and every time I look at him, he is busy sending mails. Personal mails, private mails, official mails, all sorts of them. But one thing I like about him, he is very meticulous about keeping his inbox clean, free of any spams. So thrice a day, he checks all his mail accounts, around a dozen, and toils hard to delete all junk mails from his inbox and then from his junk mail folder.

Here I have tried to sketch his face which reflects the beauty of his soul. The sketch resembles him quite a bit and even if it doesn’t exactly accentuate the contortions and distortions on his face still you would get the feeling behind who I am trying to describe.


GAGG EGG said...

kamine kutte main tera khoon pee jaaunga..........

Anonymous said...

Hi.This Guru..i am the one among those victims who sits,work,have food together with our Guy..oh..sorry ..girl...(What aishwarya?)...Ok..Whatever.

Only thing he is focused more on is Quantity rather Quality..
Whereas we are running behind ...just by looking at the Quality...most of the days everyonse else in our team would have end up focusing on quality(This happens only in cafeteria)..but our dude would have done a quantitative analysis on a term called "Quantity.".

You know today...he was bit sson as entered the cafeteria ..immediately shouted us " Hey..the green one is mera wali ye" just be the looking at the reflection in aiswary's goggle(which shown a Blue one(Rich in quantity)...
Amazing Guy.....but one thing i have wondered..still wondering is "Still he is striving for onw word called quantity." ...on what is something interesting ...Hey Aish could you add more on this?

me_warrior said...

let me introduce u to another of his pet names: "shamu"
Interesting guy who will never let u bor

Aishwarya Kumar said...

yeah man, u r absolutely right