Sunday, December 14, 2008

Blogging to communicate

This blog I had written a few months back , actually a few years (one, to be exact) now. Plan was to put up a nice blog where all three of us roomies can post our mundane conundrums, whims and unneccessary comments. We all three were spending most of our time in office (whiling away time, most of the time …) with the result that we faced each other only on weekends which too diddled away in doing laundry and girl friends. So to open up a communication channel we agreed to meet here. Somehow, like many great ideas which fail to flourish, this too drained away.

26th September, '06

After I ran up the balance in my cell talking to a chat friend for more than half an hour, conjuring up a date with her, I climbed upstairs to my room. All the usual inmates were in. Sid was leaving for a movie, being a movie-maniac he is, there was no one stopping him. He didn’t bothered asking me, knowing very well how I detest going to Diamond. Debu left to meet an old room-mate from Delhi. So I was left with little choice but to relax down and skim through the novels I bought last Saturday. I picked up some random book. Its author was ruminating over his experiences with the whores he had night outs with. Sid left and Debu came back in. Trains were not running because of some technical fault. So he had to cut his appointment. He opened his lap-top, put MLTR on win-amp. The peculiar position his laptop was placed relayed the information that he was browsing through some porn e-magazine. After some time he went to shed the load with the laptop now under my scrutiny. He also left for a movie.

Saturday’s tend to be quiet boring after a busy week at the office and especially when you have no girlfriend to see. Why there is no girl in my life, even I wonder. What do you need to have a hand across your arms? This question keeps puzzling me. Even though every girl I talk with refuses to believe that I don’t have a girlfriend, yet no one agrees to be one.
So here I was left, deserted again, wondering how to spend the night. I am not of “early-to-bed and early-to-rise” types so have to look out for something to while away the time till sleep overcomes my senses. There was laundry to be done (pun unintended, literal meaning) but I think this blog was shaping up somewhere in my mind and so the laptop started recording all these keystrokes.

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