Sunday, December 14, 2008

Postpaid Subscription

I decided to go postpaid, so aceeded to entertain a call from this telemarketing executive who had been nagging me without worrying about his mounting cell phone bills. I was a bit apprehensive about this whole telemarketing buisness but the tariff was quite low and I had been topping up my prepaid card quite frequently. A few documents were bartered, my wallet shelled out 200 bucks and this guy left, leaving behind a SIM which he said will be activated within 48 hours.My SIM was still a stranger to the wireless world even after two days arousing my suspicions, so I decided to find out ? I called up the service providers number but then realised that I don't remember my new mobile number. I asked her to query on two numbers which I guessed were somewhere close to mine but she hastily refused to do anything so irrational. So I came back to my office, rummaged through my cubicle for the reciept and dialed the landline phone of this marketing agency. My heart sank as the call was disconnected after playing a please check the number you have dialed. I remembered the vicious grin on his face when this guy pocketed my 200 bucks; the stories of all sorts of frauds floated my mind. I reached the call centre again and nearly turned pale when the executive said my number was not found as she searched for it. But she said she will put me to the postpaid department. I began preparing myself for the shock but was assured by the department's executive that my number will be activated within another day or two as some verification was still going on the documents I had submitted. And no more pranks this time, my card was activated !

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