Sunday, December 14, 2008

Why Don't Aliens Show Up in Public ?

Ever wondered, why Aliens never give a visit in public places ? I am a sci-fi enthusiasts so would definitely like to have an encounter with the outer space. But trouble is that Mumbai is so over-crowded and there are rare (if any) sightings of aliens in public. But again, why do these creatures are so reluctant to turn up in public ? They are extra-terrestrials, and are supposed to be extra-intelligent, extra-strong and a lot many 'extras' in them ! and so are they (extra) afraid of the human assembly ?
By the way who isn't afraid of the mass gatherings ? we humans do. a gathering of more than 3 persons after 10' in the night arouses suspicion and apprehensions. I remember how few years back, me and my cousins kept late hours outside our houses in the cool of the night breeze, chatting incessantly, when a police patrolling party would turn up and started questioning and finally would disperse us to recede to the house. Even peaceful discussions seemed to be 'men in conspiracy'. Such are the troubled times we are living in. Reason why aliens want to keep themselves alienated from us.

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