Sunday, December 14, 2008

Need a good repellant

monday blues .... when everyone looks chic after a rejuvinated weekend, i wore the most dishevelled appearance every monday. reasons are apparent - whole day till past midnight is whiled away wandering around, and results are even more obvious; a very sound sleep but for the constant disturbance by the whining of mosquitoes playing my eardrums..... my landlord has a very nice theory about how they manage flying to an altitude at the 7th floor? They take the lift with us. … so next time I avoided the lift as I remembered his gospel and to deceit the pointed devils, climbed up the stairs, surreptitiously looking around me for their presence. The whole way I kept brushing my pockets inside-out to be sure to whisk off any infiltrators. I smiled as I moved past one at the second floor. I reached up happily but was exasperated to see someone coming out of the lift, my landlord. As he turned to open the door, I could see them grinning viciously at me as they flew off him and took guard into the room.h

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