Tuesday, May 25, 2010


~ You took the left and someone waves at you with pleading eyes as the doors of the lift close on him. You immediately press the >||< button . You have to go to the fourth floor. But this new entrant menacingly orders the lift to stop at second floor. Moral – Stop the lift only for the people from you floor, otherwise they will hinder your ascent.

~ A note on my floor, right beside the lift says –
                DO’s AND DON’T’s in case of FIRE/ALARM
1.       ….
7. Do whatever is right and don’t do anything which is wrong
Right? Wrong? Who had put that note - some preacher? Morality? Ethics? What?

~ The first time I climbed into a lift alone I felt claustrophobic. I had to step down at the thirteenth floor but the number and the eeirie lift fired my imaginations. I almost believed that lifts don’t go to thirteenth floors,  and if you find it stopping at this floor, the doors are bound to open to hell.
The lift started from the ground floor. The sudden heavyness made me numb. It stopped at the first floor. In a state of panic, I pressed almost all the buttons. I felt it was stuck. The time the doors took to open felt like ages. Finally, the fresh air flew inside along with a middle-aged man. And I ran outside.

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