Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Beware !!! - Total Crap Ahead ...

So here I am, what should I tell you about today? Well, I don’t know who ‘you’ is since I don’t know if anyone ever reads this blog. Those who I have hired to read the posts and put any comments have given me my money back. They were not so insolent initially – my condition that they should read the post before commenting on it was not so disagreeable to them at first. But while reading some said they felt ennui as never before, some had fainted even before saying anything and some just left – I mean they left me.

I pleaded a few of my friends to do me this favor. And then I came to know what a good acid test it proved to distinguish ‘a friend’ from ‘a friend in need is a friend indeed’. Some feigned ignorance of how to write comments; a few really good friends told me later that they were left speechless at the beauty of the writing, others having a good sense of humor said they rolled off their seats laughing and they laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed so much that they just went hysteric – speechless ones could not find any words and laughing ones said they didn’t want to fill up the comments section with just ha.. ha.. ha.. ha.. ha.. jumbo which they thought was their only emotion at that time. Some just sent a one liner sms saying that they loved all crap I have written. But no one really wanted to officially mark himself/herself as a person who might be reading my blog and all my friends shied away from writing any comments.

But a few people were benefitted too. I got a thank you mail from a long time insomniac. He has asked me very politely if he can refer this blog to his doctor who can further refer it to his other patients. He also talked about sending this blog for some psycho-literary research so that the underlying science and mysteries behind making people sleep can be unfolded. But I have to say no, because as you know I treat this blog as very personal. I do not want my sentences and my phrases to be put to dissection. May be sometime later I will donate it to the medical and literary society. But for the time being please let it be with me.

A few emotional people felt hurt too. They asked me what right I held to have put them to such mental strain. They asked me to fear God and keep my mouth shut. They send mails full of curses when I humbly told them that the words did not flowed out of my mouth but instead this all is a work of my fingers. Some prolific abusers mailed me with words I have never heard before. I marveled at the imaginary of their brains and dropped them a thank you mail for enriching my vocabulary. Finally I got a mail from a human right activist and some local political netas. I was told not to abuse the freedom of speech. Again I have to tell them that this is no speech. This is writing. Such illiterate bunch of people out there!

You my reader – you are right there – aren’t you? Oh what happened? Hey hey, don’t bang your head against the table. I am signing off...

[Updated: @5:56 today] look, a few comments have finally poured in. I had not cried in vain.

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