Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Everything I Do ...

The sparkle in your almond eyes,
Like the Venus in the morning sky…
Beats the glitter and the gleam of the gold,
Dazes and leaves me lo and behold!

Those subtle movements on your face,
Your feline agility and your gentle grace…
The way you sit, the way you stand,
That’s how rainbows grow and bend.

The way you call me names,
I feel loved and love rains…
That cadence and music as you speak,
Sedates me and puts me at ease.

The way you dress, the way you do your hair,
You are perfect and not just fair.
That mole there beneath your lip,
Should I love you or should I worship?

And what should I say about that smile of yours,
As I search for words, it spreads more…
From its one end to the other and right through your chin,
You have wrapped my world in that beautiful grin.

Even if someone wants me to forget you,
Everything I do will remind me of you…
If this is not love than I could never love any being,
You are my end, you were my beginning.


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abhishek said...

well man I must say .....u are growing....keep it up...