Tuesday, September 22, 2009


In that gentle wind that blew in the night,
I try to fight mosquitoes with all my might.
But they are so many and I am just one,
And they have spears and arrows and I have none.

So when they hover around me humming a song,
I wish I was some King Kong.
With a growth of hairs as thick as rain,
A lot of my blood would be saved from drain.

So much money spend drinking pomegranate juice,
So many hours spend waiting for the juice.
As I fill myself up to the brim,
They come to me with a straw and a grin.

As I tilt my head back and look up towards the sky,
Through a cover of mosquitoes, I can barely see the sky,
I can see only them enjoying a lot,
Down below them is a battle I have lost.

Oh little devils, please have some rest,
Get off my face, get off my nest.
Let me also enjoy the peace of this night,
Let me also feel this gentle breeze blowing through the night.


Anonymous said...

teriifc dude...is it original...???

Anonymous said...

Terrific dude,

Aishwarya Kumar said...

yeah bro, i am so much bogged down by mosquitoes here that i can write a prose on it.

Rajesh said...

sahin hain bhai....tu software industry mein kya kar raha hian....btw tu kis kavita kein pyar mein kavi banta ja raha hian.

Ruchi said...

Brilliant...WELL DONE!!!