Friday, September 18, 2009

That Tower Symbol

The glasses of my specs have worn out reading documents. I am getting them from everywhere - The ones in My Documents, the ones in the Recycle Bin, and the ones lying in the dustbin. It has been almost three weeks and I have not yet started doing anything fruitful because no one here wants me to do anything fruitful because they have hired me to let me eat rice and drink fruit juice all day and at the end of the month give me a fat salary so that the result of my patience would not turn out to be a rotten fruit – thereby respecting that age old wisdom that the tree of patience bears fruits. Try to pretend busy like I have been trying to look for weeks – doing nothing but scrolling up and down that pdf, moving from one power point slide to next and then back to previous and then again to next and then ALT+TAB and start writing this post on a MS Word document, so that anyone who happens to be passing behind me can assert that I was busy taking notes.

Ok, enough frustration. Now the problem is that I am not given access to the system yet because these guys have not yet been able to create a login id for me. So I called up some IT helpdesk located in some part of USA. The guy on the other side gave me a login id and password and asked me to try my fate with it. As he spelled out the password in his American accent, I was very dumbstruck when he mentioned of a tower symbol. Now, I accept I am not pretty good with computers even after a six years experience in IT, but then even a five years kid these days is smart enough to know that there is no such sign. But still assuming that according to Moore’s law, technology changes at an unbelievable rate, or as an ode to renowned symbologist Mr. Robert Langdon, I thought there might be some new keys introduced in America. And anyways it takes time for any technology to get from America to India. Feeling very ashamed of my ignorance I asked him to provide me with a different password. But it seemed this guy was very fond of this new tower symbol as again he spoke of it. So I had to ask him what this symbol looks like. I guessed it was very appalling for him to accept the fact that this ignoramus person who he was talking with had never heard of the tower symbol. He blurted out – ”the tower is the money sign in US”. $. I felt stupid and relieved.

Anyways, those account details still do not work out because they say they are missing some ‘my boss-Knows-What-F****--document’. Crap man! Take a few from me. I have accumulated heaps of them.

It’s almost 7:00 pm now. I should better leave. I am very punctual although this statement holds for evenings only. I could never understand how people get up so early in the morning, other than to pee or something. And actually I don’t want to understand.

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