Monday, September 14, 2009

Blooming Poets

So here I am back in my room. This old college friend (friend is young, friendship is old) of mine is still buried among books and laptop. And I guess he is in the same state since morning. He had taken a leave from his office today to study and how jealous I felt to see him yawn as he had woken up but kept lying leisurely in peace on his bed and saw me getting ready and leaving for office. And the view of him poking his nose into books and concentrating hard enough to ignore the only door of that room open and close become the inspiration behind these two splendid lines:

Itna mat padh,
Ki har kitaab se teri boo aane lage.

(Don’t study so much, that every book will start reeking of your smell)

So these beautiful lines marked the entry of a new poet in the market. Or so I thought, until later in the night he craned his neck out of the books and replied with these other two significant lines with deep meaning and a whole history and career hidden behind them.

padhna hamari majboori hai,
aadat to kabhi ban hi nahin payi.

(I am compelled to study; it was never a habit anyways)

So two new poets find themselves burgeon in this sultry Chennai heat. Never did we know so much poetic talent had lied burying within us. Instead of searching Google for those romantic lines to throw at our female friends and girl friends (I am told these two words have a significant difference and one should never be taken for another, so applying caution here), if we had looked inside ourselves, we would had found much more marvelous and original results. And I am also told that throwing original lines at female friends turn them into your girl friends. So I will soon return to you with a few more of our poetic talents.

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